Quality and certifications

Quality, safety and environment

For our products we only use certified suppliers, who certify the suitability and resistance of the marquees and the materials used in their manufacture. We only set up mobile structures that comply with current safety regulations and have adequate certifications. We carry out assembly and disassembly of the structures with professionalism and following the technical specifications dictated by the supplier, in order to maintain the physical and mechanical characteristics of the structure. During the setting up, we use certified and periodically renewed equipment.
Operative staff is trained, periodically trained on new products and new processes for setting up modular structures and roofs, which differ in technical characteristics and type of use. Designers, technicians and safety officers periodically follow professional refresher courses.
Technologies and procedures adopted during the assembly and disassembly of the structures allow us to operate in full respect of the surrounding environment.

We operate in safety. We set up only certified mobile structures.
We offer a high quality professional service.
We take care of the documentation required by law: DURC, DUVRI, POS, certificates of suitability and professional technical certificates.