Ensure a comfortable environment to the guests in a tent structure during winter is a necessity which cannot be ignored.

For this purpose, the use of hot air generators is the ideal solution. We can also provide advice in the preparation of the practices by providing the following:
- thermal plant project drawn up by a qualified technician
- documentation and data sheets of all components of the heating system
- declaration of conformity issued by a qualified technician
- installation and technical assistance during the event.

Main technical characteristics and equipment of each heather:
- approved fire damperv
- expulsion damper
- general control panel and temperature setting panel
- ambient temperature probe-thermostat (adjustable)
- fuel tanks of capacity 1.000/1.500/2.000 liters, with containment tank, canopy, interception valve
- heating powers available in kcal / yields / hour: 95,000 / 125,000 / 250,000 / 350,000
- fuel type: diesel
- 16Amp single phase power supply
– 32Amp pentapolar (depending on model)
- electric power consumption: 4kw to 7kw (depending on model)